Alternate Route

Haunted Haul Will Run Alternate 6 mile Route on South Side of Lake Siskiyou

The 3 aluminum scaffold bridges crossing the Sacramento delta inlet to Lake Siskiyou are due to be removed this Thursday 10/25 . An alternate 6 mile route will used. This routeĀ  starts and finishes at the South Dam Parking Lot across from the Castle Lake turn off. The route starts heading west on the main Siskiyou Lake Trail. In the Resort the route goes behind the Marina Parking Lot then picks up the Siskiyou Lake Trail heading back to the docks. At the boat ramp, the route heads back to the start, but cuts down to the shoreline in front of the lakeside cabins, along the beach, and up the alternate bike trail. In the last mile, the route veers north onto the Alternate Lake Siskiyou trail, thenĀ  back to the start. The color scheme, will be used to mark the race course. Colored ribbons will mark the course. Green for Going out, Red for Returning. Yellow for Yucky (you do this part both going out and returning. This section is not actually yucky, but what else begins with y? – maybe Yet Again?)