Foot and Paw, Haunted Haul, athletes all have a ball

 Haunted Haul Photo Album

Below Left: The Start of the 2012 Haunted Haul

The Start of the Haunted Haul


Right: “Howard Cosell” and Mojena Interview overall champions Justin Mapula and Aldo (aka the Birder and the Flying Squirrel)

Howard Cosell and Jack Lemon interview victors Justin Mapula and Aldo

Below Left to Right: Winning Ladies Gayle Veale and Lexie the Chocolate Lab, 2nd place man “Howard Cosell” holding Mojena the Chihuahua, 3rd place man: Chuck Diprima and Jack (Santa), Racer X, 2nd Place Woman: Lynn Meyers and Laddie the Labradoodle

First Woman: Gayle Veale and Chocolate Lab Lexie, 2nd Man: Howard Cosell holding Mojena, 3rd Man: Chuck Diprima and Jack (Santa), Racer X, 2nd Woman: Lynn Meyers and Laddie the Labradoodle

The Oct 27, 2012 Haunted Haul was truly exceptional.  “Howard Cosell of ABC’s Wide World of Sports” was on hand to announce the results. Here are parts of the transcript: “This is Howard Cosell, reporting lakeside from beautiful Lake Siskiyou California,…There they go, the Birder, and his Boxer, taking the lead, what tactical cunning, holding back, until just the right moment,  surging into the lead… What ferocity of purpose, as they pull away from the pack. I am amazed at the tenacity of these canine and human athletes, I have not seen this kind of endurance from Boxer since Muhammed Ali….There she goes, Gayle Veale, and her chocolate Lab Lexie finding their way through the maze of cabins, trees, roots and rocks. pacing their way to victory. What I proud moment for Gayle Veale, usually the winner of her age division, but here, today, with her Lexie, the overall women’s Champion team… What a memorable day this has been. This has been Howard Cosell reporting live here on the shore of Lake Siskiyou, by the Majestic Mount Shasta in California ”


43:27, Champion Man and Dog: Justin Mapula (aka the birder), and Aldo a 4 year old  Boxer mix (aka the flying squirrel)

45:07, Second Man and Dog: “Howard Cosell” and Mojena a 2 year old Chihuahua

1:16:35  Champion Ladies: Gayle Veale and Lexie a 3 year old Labrador cross

1:17:11 Unknown Dogless Human, aka. Racer X (rumor has it, that this is Speed Racers older sister who ran away from home years ago)

1: 17:32 (4 miles) Second Woman: Lynn Meyers and  Laddie a 5 year old Labradoodle

1:17: 32 (4 miles) Third Man: Chuck Diprima and Jack a 2 year old cross, aka Santa

Special Thanks to Glenn, Kristen, and Tommy for timing the race. Pat for monitoring the turn around point, Trevor and Tara for manning the water station , and Lisa and Caralee for registration. ABC Wide World of Sports and Howard Cosell.

Also Thanks to Siskiyou County and Reynolds Resorts for use of their property