Arleigh Reynolds

Sat. – Nov. 3, 2012

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Learn how to Enhance the Performance of your Canine Athlete with Arleigh Reynolds. Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Champion Musher, Purina’s nutrition expert.

MT. SHASTA BREWING CO.This seminar was held at the
Mt Shasta Brewing Company, 360 College Ave, Weed CA 96094

Race Director Doug Hake recounts some amazing details of the seminar . . . “We learned to ” Build the Aerobic Machine”. A Sled Dog’s  V20 max = 240, Lance Armstrong (highest human ever)  = 95). Arleigh’s dogs run 3 minute miles for 30 miles. Amazing.

Arleigh evidence indicates: train with lots of long slow distance  (for Arleigh’s dogs “slow” is less than 18 mph). Train at maximum a tiny bit. Most training should be easy fun for dogs and keep them hungry for more. Variety is the red hot chili pepper of training. Feed dogs 40-60% fat. No more than 25% carbohydrates. Antioxidants in the 3-4 week peak racing season only.” 

Seminar topic’s included: How to naturally enhance the performance of your dog through training, conditioning, nutrition, supplements, fatigue recognition, treatment, and recovery.  Arleigh’s talk concluded with an open forum, question and answer period.

Arleigh Reynolds graduated from Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1986 and worked at a private practice specializing in small animal medicine.  Although he enjoyed life as a practicing veterinarian, after 2 years in practice much of what he was doing was becoming routine.  He decided to go back to school to pursue a Ph.D. in a field combining his interest in nutrition with his interest in endurance sports.  His Ph.D. project studied the relationship between performance and nutrition in sled dogs.  While these dogs were the subject of study at the beginning of his program, the relationships fostered and the respect he gained by working with them quickly made sled dogs the passion of his life.  In 1992 Arleigh earned his Ph.D. from Cornell University and was Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition in 1996.  He worked as an Assistant Professor at the Veterinary College at Cornell before moving to Alaska in 1998 to join Purina. He currently lives in a small community in Alaska where he and his family continue to raise, train and work with sled dogs.  Since 1988 Arleigh has studied these incredible athletes using the exercise they love to perform as a healthy, non-invasive, model for the stress all dogs encounter through the course of their lives.  Arleigh has studied how nutrients are used during different types of exercise and, how nutrition can be used to support the immune system and the gastro-intestinal system during periods of naturally occurring stress.  Arleigh has raced competitively for 26 years.  His focus is on the Open Class Sprint circuit in Alaska where he has raced for the past 12 years.  He has placed in the top 3 in the Open North American championship 5 times.  In the past 4 years he has won 2 Bronze, one silver and one gold medal from the International Sled Dog Racing Association for overall season performance.

More information about this seminar is available at 530-467-3009.

All proceeds benefitted the 2013 Siskiyou Sled Dog Races .

Special thanks to the Mount Shasta Avalanche Center and Acme Computer for the use of their  projector for this seminar.