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2013 Sled Dog RacesFree Kids Rides - Jan. 6, 2013
Dance Video2013 Contra Dance for the Dogs
1st Annual Foot & Paw Haunted Haul - Dog & Owner Howloween Run 2012SSDSA Yreka Christmas Parade Float 2011
SSDSA Free Dogsled Rides for Kids 2010Contra Dance for the Dogs
Sunday, Jan, 24th 2010Sarah Borok

Race Schedule of Events Posted


Driving Directions

Race article in Sun. Jan. 20th edition of the Redding Record Searchlight and at redding.com

MUSHER BIOS page will go live in the next couple of days!  Competing Musher Bios and Photos will be posted in the order received.

Thanks!  SSDSA

1 comment to Race Schedule of Events Posted

  • Please enter Tanner Boone in the 4 Dog class …

    The race in Chester went very well … Good turnout for these times but not what I would like to see … Costs a lot, as you well know to keep a team on the road these days and paychecks ate not what they used to be !!!

    Please give me a call on the race rules as there seem to be a few revisions !!!

    Thanks so much …

    Allen Iverson
    541 973-3538 Cell
    541 772-1718 Home

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